Ceramic CNC Machining, CNC ceramic machining drilling, shaping, polishing

Full Service CNC and Manual Ceramic Machining

High accuracy, tight tolerance hard material CNC machining with high efficiency is now available from Valley Design. Our 5 axis Haas CNC equipment can yield low cost volume production. Our experienced R&D departments will satisfy your low volume prototype requirements. We provide Aluminum Nitride machining as well as 96% and 99.6% Alumina machining. Other ceramic materials machined include Macor and Silicon Carbide (SiC). We routinely handle 18" ceramic plates, and can CNC machine these plates, lap, polish, drill holes, edge chamfer and bevel, virtually any requirement that is needed. Valley performs all of these services in house: CNC ceramic machining and manual machining, rotary ultrasonic drilling, Blanchard grinding, precision lapping, polishing, thinning, wafering and edge polishing. We have large production dicing capability and manual machining, nearly one hundred lapping and polishing machines.  We can measure surface finishes to one angstrom and thickness to less than 25um (1 mil) and offer technical expertise based on 37 years in business. 

Products include:ceramin cnc machining

  • Vacuum chucks
  • Polished substrates, Alumina, Aluminum Nitride, Sapphire and numerous other hard materials
  • Custom shaped ceramics
  • 18" CNC machining, lapping, and polishing
  • Ceramic rods, ceramic insulators, ceramic tubes, ceramic seals, ceramic heat sinks, ceramic bushings

Contact Valley Design for all your precision CNC machining for ceramics and other materials including glass, quartz, fused silica, metals and more.














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